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11. dec


ProCon Wind Energy organizes and hosts wind industry leader network event

On the 27th of November, in relation to the WindEurope Offshore in Copenhagen, ProCon Wind Energy organized and hosted an evening of networking with a group of wind industry leaders.

ProCon, represented by CEO Claus Søgaard, COO Claus Poulsen and SB&BD Thomas Padfield, guided the group to The Danish Parliament where everybody was welcomed by Vice-chairman of the parliamentary group of the Liberal Party Karsten Lauritzen and former Minister for Energy, Utilities & Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt. The latter gave a tour of the parliament, which lead to many discussions regarding renewable energy and the wind industry from a political point of view.

Then, the group was invited into Mr. Lauritzen’s private office for some refreshments and talks concerning current challenges, future possibilities, experiences, potential partnerships, development of markets, etc. within Danish as well as Global wind.

The evening ended at Hotel d'Angleterre where the networking and knowledge-sharing continued over a great dinner.

All the participants' ressources were well spent since interesting dialogues about potential partnerships were created across and around the table.

The network consisted of the following companies: Orsted, COP, Vattenfall, Simens Energy, European Energy, K2 Management, Esvagt, CPower, CNC Onsite, Comtech Int., Hyndla, JT Consultant, N1 and ProCon Wind Energy.

11. oct


ProCon Wind Energy establishes Danish offshore wind cluster in Taiwan with 5 other companies

Breaking news!!! ProCon Wind Energy establishes Danish offshore wind cluster in Taiwan with five other companies.


Because of the industry’s increasing focus on keeping cost down – including the cost of energy, we have decided to enter into a collaboration with @A-leaf, @All NRG, @Comtech, @Hytor and @Site solutions.


CEO @Claus Søgaard Poulsen elaborates on the idea behind and the benefits with the Danish cluster in Taiwan:

”The industry and our customers require that we are locally present in the APAC region. However, even though it is a new market, there is no room for the long running-in process which everyone had in Europe. We have therefore established this offshore wind cluster with the purpose of transferring our collective experience to the Taiwanese market as well as keeping our start-up costs down. In that sense, we also contribute to a lower levelized cost of energy.”  


Each company still operates as an individual company with its own agreements and contracts. As such, to begin with, we are six individual companies which share an office and e.g. local resources. Only time will tell what the future holds for the cluster as we are open for other companies and opportunities.


For more information, please read more or contact @Claus Søgaard Poulsen on + 45 41 22 22 22

11. sep


Contact between EEW and ProCon Wind Energy signed

We are delighted to announce that ProCon Wind Energy has entered into yet another agreement – this time with EEW regarding a part of the largest offshore windfarm in the world.

Just a couple of weeks after ProCon Wind Energy signed our latest contract, our team managed to close a deal with EEW concerning the electrical construction of 30 TPs for Ørsted’s Hornsea 2, which will take place at EEW Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd.'s site in the United Kingdom in Q1 and Q2 2020.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this prestigious and well-known project as it supports the notions regarding our business growth along with our core emphasis on quality and delivery on time at competitive prices.

3. sep


Celebrating the development of ProCon Wind Energy

The 2nd of september 2019 was a special day at ProCon Wind Energy as it marked that 6 months had passed since Scanel International's wind business was acquired by ProCon Group and ProCon Wind Energy was established.

When reflecting on the development of the last 6 months, there are several aspects that are noteworthy and worth celebrating:

- Work is now being carried out in 5 countries (DK, DE, BE, UK & TW)

- Projects being worked on has gone from 4 to 12

- 100 staff are employed as opposed to the initial 32

- ISO9001 & 14001, OHSAS18001 and Achilles UNCE certificates are obtained

- New framework agreements and approvals have been made

- An office is being established in Taiwan

- Investments in optimization systems are being made

- The organization has been strengthened by new profiles and initiatives

- An academy and an onboarding process are being developed

- Service, Engineering and Construction concepts are being improved

These are just the tip of the iceberg and ProCon Wind Energy has much more in its pipeline. Needless to say, The company is very proud of and grateful for its employees, business partners and customers, which is why a small reception was held on this special day.

30. aug


ProCon Wind Energy moves in to new office

To accommodate our continued growth in organization, ProCon Wind Energy has relocated from the office at Nørredybet to Langerak 17, 9220 Aalborg – Only a stone throw away.

The relocation took place today on the 30th of august 2019 and all employees stepped in to ease and speed up the transition. 

Our office at Nørredybet will continue its role as project office and a number of people will have their daily seats in this office during the project execution for larger projects such as during the Kriegers Flak project, announced on the 10th of august.

9. aug


Contract signed with Bladt Industries A/S regarding Kriegers Flak

ProCon Wind Energy has signed a contract with Bladt Industries A/S regarding the electrical construction of 72 transition pieces for Vattenfall's Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm.

We are proud to be a part of the largest offshore wind farm project in Denmark and to work together with Bladt once again.

Our work will begin around Q3 2019 and end in Q2 2020

- We look forward to getting started!

3. jul


ProCon Wind Energy's quality, health, safety and environmental approved

A couple of days ago, ProCon Wind Energy's quality, health, safety and environmental systems of ProCon Wind Energy were approved by DNV GL.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we have obtained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

4. feb


ProCon Group acquires wind business from Scanel International A/S

Claus Søgaard Poulsen, former CEO of Scanel International A/S, has just entered into an agreement to take over Scanel's wind business The goal is to double both revenue and number of employees within a few years.

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64 year young entrepreneur steps out of the comfort zone

Starts rethought electrical company

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