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ProCon Technic is a specialized supplier of sustainable electrical solutions for renewables and industry. We provide high quality electrical engineering, electrical construction and electrical service of e.g. solar parks, charging stations, heat pump systems, electrical grids as well as of industry buildings and street lighting.

We can handle everything from single task, turnkey projects and package solutions where our business units have been combined, regardless if it concerns low-, medium- or high-voltage work. 

Our years of electrical experience and our our skilled employees ensure high-quality and competitive solutions on time, which meet the industries' and customers' requirements. 

We ensure this by having a close partnership and cooperation with our customers, where our experienced staff assist with the development of the project as well as the streamlining of the procurement and the planning processes before making the final optimization and starting the installation with our competent ressources. 

Thus, our customers enjoy a reduced and effective engineering, construction and and/or service period - enabled by our focus on thorough planning, targeted procurement and effecient manpower.

Our business approach is based on the inputs of our educated and motivated employees as well as our DNA, which has been implemented in every aspect of the company. This has among others given us expertise in delivering what the customer requires; ensuring the right experienced staff at the right time through dynamic recruitment; handling time-demanding and complex tasks; and scaling up or down depending on the projects.  We are also proud to have implemented a zero incident culture and a focus on our customers’, employees’ and planet’s well-being.

ProCon Technic's headquarter is located in Aarhus Denmark but we can also work from our sister company ProCon Wind Energy's locations.

Technic solutions

PT can provide and facilitate the following worldwide solutions for renewables and industry:

  • Land acquisition
  • Development & design of projects
  • Installation, service & maintenance
  • Stakeholder Management & sales
  • General project management solutions

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The ProCon Model

The ProCon model gives you quality-assured solutions on time at competitive prices

DNA & values 

ProCon's DNA can be boiled down to the letters BOSS, and BDFS when translated to english.

In short terms ProCon strives to be best, decent, flexible and streamlined in all aspects of the company. 

B.. We want to be the best on the market

D.. We want to be decent in our business

F.. We want to be flexible in relation to customers 

S.. We want to streamline our processes


We achieve and uphold this by e.g. 

  • Delivering all our electrical solutions with great quality and on time.
  • Thinking out of the box and stepping out of the comfort zone
  • Having no "that's how we usually do it"-approach and being on the cutting edge of things
  • Offering long-term reliable cooperation
  • Having strong partnerships with other specialists

  • Being honest, positive, and responsible
  • Keeping our promises and keeping our customers orientated

  • Going where our customers go and provide them with what they want
  • Being open to different price models
  • Making wise and fast decisions
  • Focusing on having close dialogues with our customers to provide greater value
  • Providing customers with anything from single tasks to turnkey solutions

  • Developing and implementing systems and procedures for optimization