Values & Approach







Values & Approach








Our defined values 

We are honest, positive, and responsible

We are easy to get a hold of and we provide a fast reply

We keep our promises and keep customers orientated

We are on cutting edge of things and have no “that’s how we usually do it”-approach

We consider the long-term, the overall and always with the customers’ needs as a starting point

We make wise and fast decisions

We think out of the box and step out of the comfort zone

We have a healthy DNA


We deliver all our electrical solutions with great quality and on time.

The ProCon Model

The ProCon model gives you quality-assured solutions on time at competitive prices

Streamlined installation

Focused business model

Competent planning

Efficient staffing

Qualified project management

Documentation in real time

Better overview

Work Efficiency

Skilled employees

Effective craftsmen

The optimal work team for the task

Optimal benefits of working hours

Collaborators ensure targeting


Targeted purchases

Optimized project

Reduced construction period

Reduced fixed costs

Transparent billing

More value to the customer

Courage to step out of comfort zone

Close dialogue and partnership

Optimal use of experience and skills

Strong business acumen

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