Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


As ProCon's BOSS DNA underscores, we want to be best and decent in our business. This naturally also applies to quality, health, safety and environmental issues. We want to provide our customers, partners, employees and the environment with the best solutions in terms of our services, our working conditions and our sustainability initiatives. 

Consequently, we are proud to have obtained and provide ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified solutions.

As we are aware of our responsibilities and are committed to comply with our certification requirements and all applicable environmental legislations, we are constantly working to create improvements of our QHSE, which will benefit internal and external partners as well as the environment. In fact, we articulate, evaluate and asses our own processes and initiatives on a daily basis. A big part of this is providing our employees with education and information about our QHSE so that every individual in our organization adhere to our QHSE policy as well as customer and industry requirements.

To ensure high Quality, ProCon Wind Energy focuses on process optimization and efficiency in every aspect of the company. We have among others implemented systems such as a project management flow system, a risk assessment system, a human resource management system, and a tool management system. These all contribute to the overall optimization of our company but they also support our team members in providing the same high quality in all our projects around the world by ensuring transparency, flexibility, effectiveness, uniformity and professionalism regarding e.g. project execution, manpower, equipment and inspections.

Our quality is naturally also ensured by acting according to our DNA and code of conduct, working safe, and considering the environment in our everyday work.

To check up on the quality of our performance and service, ProCon Wind Energy conducts internal audits and external quality controls of purchased equipment from suppliers. In that way, we are always able to deliver the expected and agreed quality on time.

To ensure Health and Safety, ProCon Wind Energy naturally comply with national and international labor laws and focus on the well-being and rights of employees. We have implemented a zero accidents culture where we are actively working to reduce workplace injuries and encourage employees to report accidents, close calls, and other relevant observations of deviations. Thereby, we have managed to integrate safety as a natural part of our everyday work, both at the office and on sites. A complete onboarding program concerning health and safety has been developed to support this culture, as well as to promote a good and safe working environment to all employees, partners and customers. We believe this encourages the involvement of our employees and makes ProCon one of the health and safety role models of the wind industry. 

Regarding Environment and sustainability, ProCon Wind Energy has chosen to work with UN's sustainable development goals. This is closely related to our ambition about contributing to the reduction of the levelized cost of energy and minimization of the wind industry's carbon footprint.

Thus, we strive to contribute to the environment and sustainability through several different initiatives. 

We among others contribute through our training and education of both blue-collars and white-collars. Apart from providing us with skilled employees that ensures our global competitiveness, this provides the industry with a qualified workforce. Similarly, our work with Aalbog Alliancen ensures qualified and skilled workers while also bringing down unemployment by offering e.g. internships, trainee education and employment to unemployed and students. Our entire QHSE policy helps in creating decent work, while the LCoE and carbon footprint are reduced through our capability to enable local setups and use local manpower worldwide when relevant and required.

In addition, we consider environmentally responsible behavior as one of the prerequisites for future business success. We therefore constantly aim to develop products, services and processes which minimize the impact on the external environment.


"ProCon has a well-integrated and implemented QMS system. All over professionals that know what they are doing, and well prepared for the Audit."

– Siemens Gamesa

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