Wind Construction 






Outfitting, Pre-assembly, Installation & Commissioning

ProCon Wind Energy’s Construction department provides onshore outfitting, pre-assembly, installation and commissioning of foundations for offshore wind turbines, such as Transition Pieces and Jackets, as well as their Internal Cages/SIPs/E-units, and of both offshore and onshore wind turbine towers.

Electrical systems

PWE offers outfitting, pre-assembly, installation and commissioning of the entire electrical scope, including the following and the mechanical systems related to them:

  • Cable support system
  • Low & high voltage distribution system
  • Earthing & bonding system
  • Emergency Power system
  • Over voltage/Transient protection system
  • Lighting system
  • Network & communication system
  • Fiber optic system
  • Navigation aid system
  • Sonar system
  • Monitoring system
  • Corrosion protection system

Mechanical work

PWE provides outfitting and installation of secondary steel, such as platforms & railings, piping systems, ventilation systems and dehumidifying systems,

General solutions

PWE offers to handle design, contracting, project management, site management, procurement, supervision, advisory, QC/QA, test, troubleshooting, and documentation. of wind projects to ensure quality electrical solutions that meets customers' needs and industry requirements,

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