Wind Service & Installation




Offshore & Onshore Service

ProCon Wind Energy’s Service & Installation department provides both offshore and onshore service of wind turbine foundations, towers and nacelles, as well as substations.

Niche components service

PWE provides installation, service, maintenance, troubleshooting, and retro-fit of windfarm & turbine marking, corrosion systems, crane systems, and lightning protection & monitoring systems.

Medium- & High-voltage service

PWE offers medium and high voltage installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, service, maintenance and retro-fit up to 72kV of e.g. switchgears, cables, transformers.

Full service concept

PWE provides full wind farm service campaigns regarding the entire electrical scope and any mechanical systems and components related to it. From installation to decommissioning.

Ad-hoc service

PWE offers ad-hoc service for when the damage is done or when preventive service is needed quickly to avoid breakdowns, malfunctions and/or damage.

Extended warranties

PWE provides extended warranties of the systems and components, which we purchase, install and commission. Thus, customers can enjoy 7, 10, 15 or more years of extended warranty on e.g. navigation lights and switchgears.

Quality control

PWE offers internal and external QC of electrical components and systems. 

General solutions

PWE offers to handle design, contracting, project management, site management, project execution, procurement, supply of materials, supervision, advisory, inspection, troubleshooting, and documentation. of wind projects to ensure quality electrical solutions that meets customers' needs and industry requirements.

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